Tima and a Terrifying Story

If you're writing a story without a plan, and you're writing it with someone else, you never know which way it's going to go.

After I finished my class with Tima I sent the story we had written to a friend. She read it and responded that it is a "terrifying story", and she's right. Tima went a little wild, and I let things escalate.

- - - - - - -

Jed sat upon the mountain cliff, looking down over the thick treetops below him.
And saw there a big and bad bear.
Jed remembered the words of his father, "If you see a bear, take out your knife and kill it."
But bear already had his own knife, and attacked. This bear was a terrorist.
Jed dug his feet into the ground, adjusted the knife in his hand, and then leapt forward to meet his destiny.
At this moment he slipped and fell into the mouth of the bear. And the bear ate Jed.
Arnold the bear put his knife away. He always wanted to use it, but never seemed to need anything other than his claws and teeth.
But there appears a big shark with human legs and a gun. He took aim at the bear and said, "Give me your money mother f*ck*r!"
Arnold sighed and reached into his backpack. He pulled out a wad of cash, and said, "It really isn't my money, I stole all of it from people I've eaten."
At this moment the shark said to bear, "Let's rob these bony ones together."
Arnold the bear thought for a moment, looking at the wind pushing the leaves of the trees this way and that. Then, he ate the shark with human legs too.
The shark began to swim in his stomach and got acquainted with Jed. The shark said to Jed, "Let's tear this bastard's stomach apart."
Jed looked at the shark and rolled his eyes, "I've already built a ladder. Why don't we just climb out?"
But this shark was very angry and said to Jed, "I'm a f*ck*ng pirate and I will tear his stomach out."
"Fine," said Jed with a huff, before he headed up his ladder. He emerged from Arnold's mouth, who was quite surprised. Jed grabbed the gun, and when the shark with human legs tore his way out of the bear's stomach, Jed shot him.
After Jed's choice, he went to the tavern and told the elders about all of this. They were shocked.
They were also hungry. "What does shark taste like?" said one of the elders. "I'm not sure," said the one next to him, "but it sounds like the bear meat will be tender."
This elder decided not to believe the rumors, and went to the outcrop himself to find and eat the shark.
The other people of the village were a little more hesitant, but they followed him. They brought grills to cook with, spices to season with, and dishes to eat with.
The elder went hunting and found the shark, but this shark didn't have human legs. The elder spit in contempt, and he returned to the tavern.
Jed was waiting there, with the gun, and shot him.
Jed shot him, and ate this elder. After Jed shared his emotions, he said, "This elder was very tasty. Perhaps we will eat another."
Jed stepped out of the tavern door and smelled the fresh air. Full of the smoke of the roasting flesh of shark and bear, and walked into the night.
The end.

- - - - - - -

It's one of those stories that seems to have an immense amount of symbolism and meaning in it, but you're not sure of what. You just know that it's not the good part of human nature.

One of the easiest ways to realize that we know more than we can express is to create a story. Then, if we so choose, we can try to figure out what we're trying to reveal to ourselves.


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