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Fighting Local Government Corruption - Part 20 of ?

This election will change things throughout the United States, and in Dalton Township. Predicting what that change will be is more difficult. In Dalton there are three possible directions. Vaclav Havel led the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia. He points out in 'The Power of the Powerless' that when you start to live in truth you put pressure on those in power. Government officials that have become overly controlling only have two ways that they can respond when people start taking responsibility and demanding recognition of their unalienable rights: repression or adaptation. If the current regime stays in power in Dalton Township they will have a choice to make. They can either repress people more, and gather more control unto themselves. Or, they can adapt to some of the proposals I've made to limit their own power and make themselves more transparent. Those are the first two options. The third option is to choose change via the ballot box

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