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The Meditation Matrix - A Framework for Understanding the Different Types of Meditation

What types of meditation are there? Many, but I think I have a framework that can help to simplify the issue.


You have two basic choices. The first is between sensation and imagination. You can either feel what your body is experiencing, or you can play with the images and impressions that are in your mind. The second choice is between directing your attention and not directing your attention. You can either focus, or just let what happens happen. These two choices form four basic quadrants of meditation.

I'll give quick examples of how each works.

Directed Sensation

When my C1 vertebrae slid into my brainstem in late 2015 I had major issues. One issue was that I didn't even know I had spinal deformities, and I still wouldn't know for another few months. I was still trying to figure out what had gone so wrong in Africa and how to fix it. The pain though, the pain was a constant. Every system in my body was thrown way off.

As you're losing your short term and…

On Writing a Testimonial

I've been putting this off for months. There is no doubt that my chiropractors have helped, and continue to help, me tremendously. So why haven't I written the testimonial that I said I was going to write yet? Well, there are two reasons.

The first reason is that I keep making progress. It's not a straight path. There is no linear progression. It's somewhat more akin to riding a rollercoaster blind. You know that there are going to be ups and downs, but you don't know when. This means that in the near future, it's always the near future, that I could have a much better conclusion to my testimonial. I'll do it next week when I'm even better, I'll do it next week when I've recovered from this downturn, I'll do it next week when I'm even stronger, etc. Luckily next week has finally arrived, it only took a few months.

The second reason is that the story is quite large, decently long, and pretty complex. I don't want to write a memoir on …

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