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A Flash of Horror - Part 3 of ?

I'm leaving for my alligator wrestling trip tomorrow and want to get some work done on this zombie story before I have the possibility of losing a finger.

Here's what I have so far.

- - - - - - -
"Johanna! Don't you go in that room." Three-year-olds are full of innocence and mischief. Neither were good things in this situation.
"I told you, Matt is sick, you need to stay out of his room. Go play in your room." Susan put her left hand on her daughter's shoulder and steered her towards her bedroom. It was the seventh day, or the sixth, or the eighth. It was something like that. She was exhausted, the days were blending together. Johanna's long blonde hair swished back and forth as she disappeared into her room.

Susan looked down at her right hand and sighed; another wet cloth. Keeping Matt's fever under control had just about proved impossible. Since the quarantine a few days ago it had just been her and the kids; no help, no one had even come…

On Writing a Bio

For this international flash fiction horror anthology that I'm involved with I need a picture and a bio. I've always been horrible at the bio thing. I think it's weird making a blurb about yourself, but... here we go.

I wish I took more pictures, but I don't want to do the taking part. I do have some and that's the first thing I want to work on. I have this picture sitting in the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones the television show (and A Song of Ice and Fire the book series). This was taken by a seemingly random, or was it fated, stranger at the renaissance fair in Holly, Michigan earlier this year. That could be a good one, I mean it is horror.

This Harry Potter based picture where I'm posing as an escaped prisoner from Azkaban Prison is pretty cool. This was taken by Jelitza at Potter in the Park in Spart, Michigan earlier this year. I think that still fits pretty well. I have a few other pictures from there, but only one other one that I think would really …