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88.9 Hey Radio, Amongst the Giants, and Me

This will probably be an intellectually intense article. The exploration of depth in lyrics.

Before we dive into the actual article I'm writing, check this out. I went through the lyrics of the song I'm going to explore and these are the notes I wrote to myself on the first time through (I left in initial spelling errors and everything).

- - - - - - -

con fidere, cognitive dissonance, semantic triangle square, squaring the triangle
individualized groups and anonymous communities, true dialogue and discussion, intention and consquentialism
weight as both truth and importance, experience as singular, autonomy and locus of control
the dispossessed, self censoring, procrastination of challenge, platos cave seeing the light, truth as not always comfortable, free speech necessary for free thought
explicit and implicit communication transactional analysis eric berne, diversity of opinion perspective logic experience and value, don't understand that, rene girard, mirror neurons em…

88.9 Hey Radio, Rusty Shipp, and Me

Welcome to the third installment of my articles for 88.9 Hey Radio. I'm not sure which angle I should take on this one. Rusty Shipp is an odd band, I guess I'll probably take that angle.

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You can never say that Rusty Shipp is not an ambitious band. First of all, they are in the middle of leading the founding a new music genre called Nautical Rock'n'Roll. Their first album Mortal Ghost won some awards, but this seems to be just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

They're raising money for their second album now and there is a special project in the works. While on a silent meditation retreat the founder of the band, Russ T. Shipp, had an idea for a concept album which they are calling Liquid Exorcist. This will be a full narrative about the after-effects of an underwater sea war.

Rusty Shipp has the feeling of classic rock, melodic hard rock, with a little twist. I like the existential questioning in the song SS Naronic, which is about the ship SS Naroni…

88.9 Hey Radio, Set For The Fall, and Me

Welcome to the second edition of my articles for 88.9 Hey Radio. I'm going to focus on a narrative this week, we shall see how that goes.

Last time I inset the article itself, and then inset the lyrics inside of that. I'm going to do that again.

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Set For The Fall is from North Carolina and you can hear that hard southern rock sound in their music. They released their first album in 2016, and it looks like they do quite a lot of touring, at least their schedule over the next few months is packed. The music is a nice mix of rock sounds, but I'm going to take a look at one song in particular.

3 Nails is from that original 2016 release and the music video has their most views on Youtube. The song has some narrative to it, but the music video has a lot of narrative to it. I like stories, and this is a good one, that's why I like it. Here are the lyrics. Then, I will probably have a few things to say about the story.

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I cut my teeth on the lies that…

88.9 Hey Radio, Tetelestai, and Me

88.9 Hey Radio is a Christian rock station that broadcasts from North Muskegon, Michigan. I often listen to them. They are a volunteer organization. Last month I reached out to them to see if there is something I can help with. Bill and I worked something out, I am going to work on writing articles about new bands and songs, and such.

I've been pondering how to approach this for the last few days. I'm still not sure how I am coming at this, but nevertheless it is getting approached today.

The band this week is Tetelestai, so let's dive in and see how it goes.

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What is Tetelestai? One, it's a five person metal band from Buffalo, NY. Two, it's the last word spoken by Jesus on the cross meaning, "it is finished." There can be so much contained in a name.

Tetelestai, the band, describes its mission like this, "With so much hate and despair in the world today, Tetelestai aims to bring the message of hope and love through their music." Th…