I Went to a Writing Group - October 23rd, 2019

The writing prompt looked simple and easy enough, but it was deceptively complex.

We were just given three nouns: rage, lobster, sandwich. From there it was up to you. I was a little surprised at how similar most of the stories were. It was a good reminder for me that I have a neotenous, or childlike, perspective in life. I tend to be more imaginative, playful, and engaged with the magical and mysterious.

- - - - - - -

Lonny the lobster was a friendly chap. He had had a long and eventful life. Now, he no longer felt the urge to get in fights, to participate in the series of constant battles necessary to work one's way up the social hierarchy. No, all of that was behind him now.

Lonny had chosen his own little lobster-sized cave out of everyone else's way. Every day he would walk to the reef where a friend of his had opened a sandwich shop. Lonny was on his way there now. Leaving a trail of uneven footsteps behind him, the result of injuries that had never healed, and would never heal. But those memories were buried deep. Only two things occupied his mind at the moment: that delicious fish sandwich, and what he would make small talk about at the shop.

Lonny had been looking down at the sand for most of his walk. A bad habit he hadn't been able to break. Now, as his gaze panned up he noticed some misplaced debris. The debris became more and more dense. Slowly, he realized that the pile of misplaced wood and shells was more than just another pile of scrap. It was right in that nook of the coral, the one with a nice little overhang, right where the sandwich shop should have been. Right where it should be.

The thoughts of small talk and a fish sandwich were wiped clean from his mind. Memories and fantasies of the past that had been, the past that never was, and the future which would be blurred through his mind, more emotion than thought.

He raised up his scarred claws and flexed them, just as his rage was rising within. Lonny scanned the area, he would have at least one more fight.

- - - - - - -

The feel of it reminds me a little bit of the most recent Rambo movie.

Only one other person in the group took a lobster's point-of-view. I thought that was interesting, that almost everyone took a human perspective from that prompt. Just a curious observation.


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