Explorations in Business - Part 8 of ?

My own psychological resistance to trying to make money is quite astounding.

I remade my website so it doesn't completely suck. But right now the only thing that you can do is sign up for a consultation.

Here's a post I recently made in the FounderCo Facebook group.

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I've been a little surprised at the immense amount of internal resistance I've had to reaching out to people. I think part of it is that this centers around a personal issue that is close to me. I've been doing a deep dive on my own psychology and seem to be making some progress in the recesses of my soul.

A friend of mine suggested that I reach out to a gym owner she knows about doing classes. So I just sent this email.

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And here's the email. (I cut out the last name.)

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My friend Joanie said I should reach out to you. She said she and her husband Rich like your gym.

I am working on launching a meditation coaching business focusing on helping people manage their chronic pain. It's grown out of a solution that I had to find and develop for myself.

The very short version is that I ended up sick in Kenya in late 2015. I was vomiting blood and told I was going to die. I made it back to the US and started the recovery process. It took almost 6 months to get rid of the bacteria, but I still didn't get better. As it turns out I have four major spinal deformities that I didn't know about. My C1 was fused to my skull, but at some point it slid into my brainstem. That caused all sorts of issues ranging from heart issues, to memory loss, to massive amounts of pain including light and sound sensitivity.

Obviously there's a lot to my recovery process over the last few years, but coping with the pain has been an epic journey in itself. I hadn't taken even an Advil in almost a decade, but after a couple of months of being almost completely incapacitated I told the hospital to go ahead and give me the drugs. They gave me two injections they guaranteed would work. They don't work if the issue is that you have a bone in your brainstem.

I had studied meditation with an Ishaya monk for a year before all of this, but that type of meditation didn't do anything for the pain. After some experimenting I was able to acquire the skills necessary to deal with the pain, the basic idea being that you need to rewire the brain to perceive the pain differently. I still need to be able to feel when something is wrong with my cervical spine, but I don't need my nervous system setting off lights and buzzers that make me nonfunctional.

So, that's what I'm doing. We can obviously talk about it more, but the basic idea is a somewhat playful and open hour long session where we explore awareness and learn the skill of rewiring the brain to change how we perceive chronic pain.

Just to point out some of the functionality that I've regained: I joined the Mensa high IQ society after my misadventure, and here's a video of me wrestling an alligator a year ago. https://youtu.be/AgZFzdb_TLY

Here's an article I wrote where I go over a clear framework I created for understanding the different types of meditation. http://www.jeffreyalexandermartin.com/2019/02/the-meditation-matrix-framework-for.html

This is me giving a speech last month about pain. https://youtu.be/YMYStBqHRfw

And here's an article where I go over writing a testimonial for my chiropractor that's a little more detailed in some ways. It also has a picture of one of my xrays. http://www.jeffreyalexandermartin.com/2018/09/on-writing-testimonial.html

I would like to get together and talk about this more.

Jeff Martin

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I've had no response from that email, and I don't expect to. I've never really done anything successfully, and that goes double for anything involving social skills.

Over the last few months I've been radically changing my view of the world at a fundamental level. I've always viewed humans as fundamentally good with a large amount of corruption at every level that overlays that. That's idiotic considering how much history I've studied. Now, think about this. Life is suffering, that's obviously true. But what if we go one step further.

If we hold the proposition that the world is good we have to define good. If we define the good as life, liberty, and property, and we notice that the world is hostile on a fundamental level to all of these things, then we come to the conclusion that the world is the opposite of good, it's evil. It's a change in my metaphysical outlook. (This is obviously the simplified view because it's always a mix, I'm just talking about what I see as the dominant tendency.)

I've also been convinced by the political corruption and the people's response to it in Dalton Township over the last few months that people are primarily weak, submissive, herd-like creatures. (Again, this is the simplified view of the dominant tendency with significant outliers ignored.)

Adjusting to this new world view, moving from the idea of heroic humans to weak humans and a good world to an evil world, is a better adjustment to the reality of the situation. If I can fully assimilate this then it should change my actions, which is what needs to happen.

The obvious solution to my money problems is that I need to sell something, and a lot of it. That's how you make money. The way to do that is to view humans statistically, just as things, units. Then, be super salesy. I don't like either of those things. But, I'm already at least two-thirds of the way through this lifetime. So unless I want to spend one-hundred percent of this lifetime being poor, I need to do a lot of selling of something. And I do not lack the knowledge, I've read dozens of books on the subject and taken a number of courses. I've lacked the will.

Being lightly authentic can work in sales, but not being fully authentic. Being mostly transparent can work in a relationship, but not fully transparent. These are foolish and naive concepts that I've had to prove idiotic for myself for some reason. And I have.

One thing I need to get comfortable with in sales is being willing to offer a proposition that isn't true. You have to be willing to say your thing is the greatest, that it will definitely work, that it is the bee's knees, the cat's meow, the greatest thing since sliced bread, and will completely solve everyone's problems. I have never been able to bring myself to do that. Thus, failure. Before someone can agree with you, you have to offer a proposition.

This is where the metaphysical beliefs come into play. If most people are unimportant then you can ignore them. You are just shooting for the important ones, for the ones that get it. You are sorting the wheat from the chaff, and it doesn't matter what happens to the chaff. And you have to do this aggressively because the world is actively fighting you, attempting to destroy you, entropy is literally ripping you apart at every moment.

If I continue to be unwilling to do both of these things then I can guarantee that I will spend my entire life being poor. And, I don't think I can accept that. So, changes.


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