Leading a Writing Group - Session 7

A crazy conversation. That was our prompt for the day. I went over the idea of dialogue attribution, or dialogue tags. That's where you make sure the reader knows who is saying what.

Lexi took us on a tour of a garden full of personified flowers. The different types of flowers had different personality characteristics. It reminded me a little of Lewis Carroll.

Xavier became trapped in the confines of his own mind and stalled out. We had a talk about it afterward.

Bella wrote about a student trying to convince his master, Master Fufu, to go to war. But the master didn't want to.

And, here's what I did.

- - - - - - -

"Just jump, dude! Come on!"


The cliff wasn't that high, but the space at the bottom was narrow. Maybe too narrow. Jack was understandably hesitant. "I think you should go first, and then I'll go," he said to Jill.

Jill gave him a look. A look that said she didn't believe him, that she wouldn't take no for an answer, and that his time was up. "The time has come for Jack to take a leap into the great unknown. To face his fears so that he may overcome them and let his soul bloom into the magnificent beacon of bravery from which humanity derives its hope," said Jill.

She was always being so dramatic.

Jack took one step closer to the edge and looked down. A small pebble shifted under his foot and tumbled over the side. It hit part of the rockface that stuck out halfway down, broke another small rock loose, and the two joined together in their descent towards the water. The splash was small, and the ripples moved out in ever-widening circles towards the edges of the small clear pond hidden in the middle of this mysterious forest.

"What if I hit the rock?" asked Jack, trying to put sincerity rather than trepidation in his voice.

"You probably will if I have to push you," replied Jill.

- - - - - - -

Jack and Jill went up a hill, had a crazy conversation, and then came tumbling down in the waterhole. Lol.


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