Fighting Local Government Corruption - Part 14 of ?

What do you do if the government protects corrupt officials? I don't rightly know. I'll demonstrate some of the corruption, point out some of the broken laws, and some more lying. But, near the end I will include a fun poem.

First of all, let's look at what you can do when you have the corrupt government on your side. This is a post that Hidden Creek Farm put up yesterday. Brought to you by Tony Barnes and friends.

- - - - - - -

Okay everyone,

Lee and I would like you to meet our neighbor Kenneth Wentworth 1148 W River Rd. 49445.

We have been quietly and kindly dealing with his stalking and harassment for months now. He disrespects our privacy on a regular basis. He didn't even have the dignity to let up with the picture taking while our best friend and companion Sophie was leaving this world, even though he was nicely asked.

While we are just going about our daily chores we will look up to find him parked and taking pictures of us and our farm. This commonly happens when Lee is at work and I am home alone. This makes me feel very uncomfortable as he has been seen at all hours of the day doing this. There have been times when I have been working out in the garden and one of our neighbors will call to let me know he is out taking pictures.

Everything about this lawsuit had been sucking the energy out of us physically and emotionally. The amount of weight that is added on top of an already full plate from this is immense. Lee and I love providing for our community but we do ask that you consider what we are going through on a daily basis. When you call, leave a message or voicemail and we don't respond immediately just know that we are working hard.

- - - - - - -

Way back in the first article I wrote on the corruption in Dalton Township I pointed out the three main tactics that Tony Barnes and Ken Wentworth would use against the farm: 1) Dishonesty, secrecy, and lying. 2) Intimidation. 3) Bankruptcy.

All three of these are still true. Tony Barnes is still lying. For instance, he stated at his last recall hearing that the township signed a plea deal with the farm allowing them to do everything that they had been doing. That's a lie, like most things that Tony Barnes says. To hold any sort of event the farm has to get board permission from the township. For instance, to have a public dinner where the ingredients come from the farm. But, it seems that Tony Barnes can constantly lie and not that many people care. (I actually had a woman at Meijer tell me one day that because Tony Barnes had bought her daughters ice cream one time that apparently breaking laws and lying doesn't really matter. Breeding the next generation of victims, and what Stalin called "useful idiots.")

Ken Wentworth stalking and spying on the farm at all hours is obviously a great intimidation tactic. The farm reported it to the police and the police said they didn't care.

Tony Barnes has stopped the farm from doing part of their business, plus they have to pay more fees and get extra special insurance according to the plea deal. And Ken Wentworth is still pursuing the lawsuit and has a jury trial set up for 2020. The dynamic duo of bullying and corruption are doing well at the bankruptcy tactic.

Here are just a few major corruption issues. Tony Barnes and Ken Wentworth coordinated their attacks on the farm by suing them on the same day at the same hearing. They violated due process by informing them of the court date the day of the hearing, but no one seems to care about that major infringement on a pillar of civil society. There were multiple Michigan Open Meetings Act violations that I collected evidence for and reported to the police. The police officer tried to intimidate me into not filing the report, and then told me that the Muskegon prosecutor wouldn't do anything about these broken laws, and that was true.

Here are both of those calls.

Me making the report.


And let's look at how the election commission is corrupt.

In June the Muskegon County Election Commission passed three recalls in Casnovia Township unanimously and within a few minutes. They were worded the same, just with the names changed. Here's one of them.

- - - - - - -

On April 23, 2019, Dan Winell ignored the legal advice and counsel of the Casnovia Township attorney and voted to unlawfully approve the issuance of a Special Land Use Permit prior to the requirement that all specific and designated conditions of the Casnovia Township Zoning Ordinance be met prior to the approval of such permit.

- - - - - - -

Let's look at my recall that was rejected just last week.

- - - - - - -

On May 17th, 2019 Dalton Township Supervisor Tony Barnes stated to Fox 17 News, "Dalton Township has not filed any litigation against Hidden Creek Farm seeking to shut them down..." On May 8th, 2019 Dalton Township had sued Hidden Creek Farms.

- - - - - - -

And here is my first recall that was rejected.

- - - - - - -

On May 8th, 2019 Dalton Township filed an injunction for a Temporary Restraining Order as well as a lawsuit against Hidden Creek Farm. No vote was taken for either of these actions at any public meeting prior to that. Both of these actions are direct violations of the Michigan Open Meetings Act. It is the job of the Township Supervisor, Tony Barnes, to see to it that the township acts in compliance with applicable laws, which he failed to do.

- - - - - - -

Why were all three recalls for Casnovia approved so quickly while mine were rejected? Good question. Think about this. All three of the officials in Casnovia are Republicans. All of the people that sit on the Muskegon County Election Commission are Democrats. Tony Barnes is a Democrat. Tony Barnes' wife Jennifer Barnes is the Chair of the Democratic Party. It's a political thing. A political corruption thing. The Democrats will approve recalls against Republicans, but deny recalls against Democrats, especially if they are married to the Chair of the Party.

And, they can always rule that a recall is unclear. It's easy, let me demonstrate. One plus one equals two. That is unclear because we do not know the measurement metric being used. One inch plus one inch equals two inches. That is unclear because we do not know what is being measured. I could do this all day.

Then, of course, there is more corruption. In 2018 in the case Hooker v Moore the Michigan Court of Appeals made a ruling that defined what factual is in a recall. In my last recall against Tony Barnes the Muskegon County Election Commission completely ignored that law too. Laws are being broken and ignored in Dalton Township and Muskegon County, and there is nothing that the lowly citizens who lack so much as a whiff of power can do about it. There is a political class that is above the law, and they know it.

I could make this more depressing, but instead let's finish with a poem. Here's "An Ode to Tony the Tyrant and Creepy Ken".

- - - - - - -

Tony the Tyrant and Creepy Ken,
sitting in a tree,

Ken offers Tony some tea.
"No thanks, but I do have to pee,
luckily citizens are directly under me."

On to the unsuspecting heads below,
Tony is not a nice fellow.

Ken likes to peep.
"Stalking is a hobby of mine," he says,
"during the day or while you sleep."

No one does nothing,
but no one does something.

And thus,
Tony the Tyrant and Creepy Ken,
are the most powerful,
in the land.

- - - - - - -

In a tyrannical government writing a poem like that could get you attacked. And I think it's very possible that Tony the Tyrant or Creepy Ken use the legal system as a weapon against me at some point. Evil people like Tony Barnes and Ken Wentworth do bad things for fun, profit, and power.


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