Skimming Across the Top of the Soul in Search of Things Hidden There

Yesterday was the Fourth of July and I did a number of normal things, like walking in a parade and going to the playground with some of the family. It was also a good day for some important insights.

One, I can't do a non-strict diet. Even though my digestive, immune, and nervous systems have healed quite a bit over the last few years, I can tell when I'm doing things my system can't handle and it definitely effects me. Over the last few weeks I went with the idea of, "Just a little bit will be fine." And, to a large extent, I can handle some "normal" foods. But, I do better on a strict diet of meat and kefir. And, I can't seem to handle cheating on that. I thought something like Ice Cream Sundays would work, where I would have one serving of ice cream on Sunday. As soon as I started thinking about doing that I started slipping on a regular basis, for both physiological and psychological reasons I believe. It's strict or nothing, and I have a lot of stuff I want to get done over the next few years that requires fairly high levels of health, so strict it must be.

Two, the ability to destroy comes before the ability to create. What if I worked on ways to destroy good stories? If you can pick out the one little piece that might destroy a scene then you've developed the awareness of what's important to be able to build good scenes. Just like when kids learn to stack blocks, you first start by stacking blocks for them. You're showing them how, you stack a few blocks, and they knock it down. So, you stack them up again, and the kid knocks them down again. Over and over. Slowly they develop the ability to stack blocks themselves, and they become quite satisfied and fulfilled doing it. They move from the ability to destroy to the ability to create.

Three, business is about exchange. That means sales. Sales is a transfer of belief. I have to adjust how I've been looking at that belief transfer to do what I need to do for my business.

Four, I've come up with a number of interesting concepts and ideas in philosophy, but the main pursuit has always been focused on the meaning of life. In how I'll be presenting it the definitions of real and true are important and hinge around social verification and temporal verification, just with a reversed emphasis.

Five, romance and love aren't the same thing. I've been reading "Love and Hate" by Irenaus Eibl-Eibesfeldt and an anthology from romance writers called "Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women". They've been interesting to juxtapose. Romance is the process of forming a pair bond, it's about transformation. The individuals transform each other in the process of bonding. Love is the state of having a pair bond. It's the consumption and enjoyment of the other person. So, romance is a dynamic process and love is a static state. There's obviously a lot of overlap in subject and in timeframes, but there is a definite difference there.

Insight number one, I basically already knew and have tried a number of times, but I had to go through the drudgery of reminding myself.

Two, I know but I've never thought about it in the context of stories.

Three, I know as well, but for some reason I haven't really delved into it in the way I need to, there's some internal resistance there I think.

Four, that's a long pursuit that I think may end up being a flop, or may end up saving and changing lives.

Five, is an immensely curious arena that I plan to explore more in a number of different ways.


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