A Story for Henry

I've told the school that I teach online for repeatedly that the book they have for Henry is too difficult. They won't change it, and I can't change it. It's a complete disservice for the student and the parent. So, I decided to fix it by writing my own story for Henry to read.

It's difficult to make a story on the spot that's exactly at the correct reading level for a student, but I came fairly close on this one, closer than the textbook that I was given. The ideal is to push the student's abilities, just a little. When I went through a course for a volunteer reading program in Muskegon they recommended to read at the level where the student is correct 90 percent of the time, and is stretching themselves 10 percent of the time. Fair enough.

- - - - - - -

The cat saw a bird.

The bird was in a tree.

The cat wanted to get the bird.

So he climbed the tree.

When he got to the top, the bird flew away.

The cat looked down at the ground.

It was a long way down.

The cat was afraid.

He turned around and tried to go down.

But, he could not.

So he called for help.

Meow! Meow!

Along came a dog.

A big dog.

A scary dog.

The dog said, "Hi!"

"I wish I could climb trees."

"Maybe," said the cat, as he stared at the dog, "but it is scary up here."

"Why?" asked the dog.

"Because it is such a long way down." replied the cat.

"But," said the dog, "if you were able to get up there, it must not have seemed like such a long way then."

"Well," said the cat, as he looked at the ground, "I guess you're right. I was just focused on the bird when I climbed. Maybe if I focus on something else I can get down."

- - - - - - -

I really rushed that ending because we were a little over time. And yes, I know I forgot the quotation marks around the cat sounds.

Henry did well, he liked it, and I liked it a lot more than that darn textbook. Stories, they are the way to go.


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