Global Cooling Deniers

April 15th in West Michigan and I'm shoveling snow because we got seven inches yesterday. Wasn't I promised global warming at some point?

It was after the little global cooling push in the 1970s that there was a long push about global warming. Global warming was going to kill us all by now several times. It will kill us all in the near future, still. But, the smart people don't openly call it global warming anymore, they call it climate change. A genius move. No matter what happens the climate is going to change. You always have something to rail at, something to protest about. And, no one is even debating the other side. I've never heard anyone say that the climate doesn't change. Rounding to the nearest whole number, 100 percent of total humanity agrees that climate changes. It seems silly, but the zealots make it into a dangerous political cry. Let's look at an actually dangerous thing - global cooling.

Here's how the global warming people usually sell their idea. "If we do nothing then the earth will heat up and we will all die." Or, "If we keep doing what we are doing then the earth will heat up and we will all die." They say it's based on science. What they mean is that they have untested and inaccurate models of weather and climate about the future, and they have some basic theory that works in controlled conditions but doesn't account for the unknowns, which seem to be a lot in this case. Remember when the ozone hole was going to kill us all? It filled itself back in. That's unexplained and was not predicted. That's how little we know.

Since we can't explain the ups and downs of earth's temperature over history it's a real stretch to say what the full set of causes are and what's going to happen. (Why are sun cycles not discussed? Does it not fit the narrative that has been promoted?)

Even if the global warming people are correct, and I hope that they are, then it's a real stretch to say that it's going to be a bad thing. The main motivation behind the general populace's fear of global warming seems to be rising water levels. Not realizing that water levels have risen and fallen throughout human history, and before human history, and will do so after humans are extinct, they think they can stop it. They think stopping all of the world's oceans from changing will be easier for people than moving over a bit. A movement that would happen over decades and generations. Just like it has happened throughout human history.

I have a hard time imagining how it has escaped almost everyone's perception that much of the land on earth isn't useable because it's covered in snow and ice most of the year, or all of the year. The two largest countries in the world have huge areas of land that aren't useable by humans in general. You can't grow crops, have farm animals, stand outside without your cheeks freezing to the point that they'll crack if you smile. There aren't even forests in a lot of that area, it's too cold. No one ever mentions that there is an entire continent that is mostly useless to humans because it's covered in snow and ice. All of this land could be useful to humans if only we had some global warming.

No one seems to talk about how jungles and rainforests have so many plants and animals that we discover dozens of new living things each year. And, you need a warm climate to have jungles and rainforests. No one seems to point out that humans do well in warm climates, lots of people live in warm places. Not so many in cold places. No one seems to point out that a lot of the water on earth is not useable because it is frozen. And, humans do very well with water. It's almost like we need it, are made of it, grow food with it. (If you're in a desert what you need is some global warming to melt some ice and spread around some more water.)

Why does nobody talk about these things? I'm not sure. I think a diverse group of people are attracted to global warming. A lot of people like to feel like they're saving the world by talking about the dangers of global warming. Elon Musk has based his life on Ender from "Ender's Game" and needs an existential threat to humanity to justify his existence. Maybe others have too. In the global warming game the less humans the better, so people that resent society, people, humans, culture, technology and such are attracted to it. I think that is no small part of the movement.

Imagine winter lasting all year. That's a lot scarier than global warming. Imagine winter getting colder. That's scarier. If you don't get snow, imagine getting snow. If you get snow, imagine it not going away. It's seems obvious that that is bad. Imagine fewer forests, fewer wild animals, fewer farms, less food, fewer farm animals, needing to burn more fuel for heating and plowing, more power outages, fewer routes for ships, fewer jungles and rainforests. These all seem bad. They are only a tiny ice age away from happening. The Little Ice Age was just a few hundred years ago. It can happen again. On a long enough timeline I'm sure the earth will get colder at some point. That won't be good for humans.

I'm not making a case for whether the earth is heating up or cooling down. I'm sure it's doing one of the two. I'm saying that it would be better if it's heating up, if you value humanity. The global cooling deniers seem blind to the dangers of global cooling, and to the benefits of global warming.

Here's the basic idea that real humanists will recognize as true: global cooling is bad, and global warming is not bad, maybe it's even good.


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