Aphorisms on Grief, Suicide, and Meaning in Life

For years I have contemplated these mysteries. While watching Hamlet, starring Mel Gibson, divine inspiration struck and thus was born in a sudden frenzy these concise insights of wisdom.


When we have a feeling of loss, what have we lost? But a false future that never was, and never will be.

The loss of a false expectation does not negate the past, for the past is immortal.

If false positive expectation of the future has been lost, then surely real negative expectation has been prevented.


To live is to suffer, and to choose life is to choose suffering. To make such a choice we must have reasons to live that outweigh the suffering. Else, it is not a justifiable choice. The brave confront their mortality, they confront their existential choice, and they choose to take hold of the responsibility for value.

Meaning in Life

To know what meaning in life means, we must first know the meaning of meaning.

There is dual meaning in meaning. One, to signify. Two, significance.

Objective Truth

That which remains invariant across time and perspective is objective. Therefore, objectivity is an emergent property of subjectivity.


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