Maksim Makes a Story

Fiction writing has a higher level of technical skill at both the stylistic and structural levels. That can be useful.

If you've never written a story before, it can be intimidating to do. That's especially true if English isn't your native language, and you live in a non-English speaking country. I have helped a lot of people break through that barrier. I seem to have a bit of a knack for it, and I find it fun.

Maksim is a middle-aged family man from Belarus that does online marketing for a large computer gaming company. He likes soccer, has some expensive guitars, and is making a music app. And, he was a little skeptical about writing fiction. I could tell. We did it anyway, and it went well. I started, and then we alternated.

- - - - - - -

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived an old man. He went for a walk in the woods everyday at noon. He walked the same path, in the same way. Looked at the same trees, and across the same lake.

Everything was the same until the day when he met a little girl crying near the road. The old man went to the girl and asked if she needed help. The girl told him that she got lost in the woods and she couldn't find her way back home.

"Well," said the old man, "which way did you come from?"
"I don't know," said the girl, "that's why I'm lost!"
"I guess that makes sense, how about this, I just walk you to the edge of the woods, and then you can probably find your way back." said the old man.

"But what will happen if I don't find my way back when we reach the edge?" asked the little girl.
"Hmmm, we'll try to figure something out. Let's just go and see what will happen."

The old man turned back and asked the little girl to follow him. They were walking for about 10 minutes when suddenly a raccoon crossed their way. The raccoon stopped near the road and started staring at them. Then he asked, "What wanders in the woods, without ever coming to the end? And leaves the woods, but always stays in it?"

The old man stared back at the raccoon, and the little girl laughed. The raccoon twisted up his face into a look of frustration and said, "Hey, that's a perfectly good riddle. I've been working on it all day."

"Sorry," said the old man, "we are not in the mood because the little girl just got lost."
"Oh I see," said the raccoon. "I have never seen this little girl and I don't know where she is coming from. But, I think I know someone who may know the girl and where she lives."
"Great, your help would be appreciated," the old man replied.

The raccoon said, "This way!" and started off on a trail that is so little used that they could barely see it meandering its way through the trees. The old man and the little girl glanced at each other, and then followed the raccoon down the little-known path.

- - - - - - -

It seems to be an interesting little fairy-tale-like story to me. And yes, I made the riddle, hahaha.


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