Hope in the Time of Quarantine

I went for a motorcycle ride a couple of days ago. In Michigan right now that might be illegal. Governor Whitmer has been issuing new executive orders every day limiting people's freedom. It is sad to see the death of freedom. But, something more important is happening.

When you're riding a motorcycle it's common to give a sign to other riders. It's a sign of solidarity, a connection between like-minded people.

I rode from Twin Lake through Whitehall and Montague to Lake Michigan. I saw a few other people on motorcycles and we gave each other the sign. You hold out two fingers. It's a sign that commonly means peace now. In WW2 the sign meant victory. Those two go well together, for peace is the highest form of victory, and there is no peace without victory.

But, those weren't the only people that gave me the sign. People were riding bicycles and giving me the sign. People were walking down the side of the road and giving me the sign. People were walking dogs, and riding lawnmowers, and just standing outside in their yard, and giving me the sign. There was a universal happiness in people seeing me out riding a motorcycle. More than I've ever seen before.

People realize the value of freedom when their freedom is taken away. And in Michigan that is exactly what is happening now. There is a pattern to when freedom is lost, and a pattern to when freedom is gained.

We have seen how the government is willing to grab an opportunity where people are afraid and take power for themselves. To violate the rights of the people and ignore the Michigan Declaration of Rights. We are realizing that the government is more dangerous than the virus.

This is when freedom can be won. And this is when it needs to be won. In "Five Key Documents in the History of Freedom" I talk about how the pattern of freedom works. Here is one paragraph. http://www.jeffreyalexandermartin.com/2020/02/five-documents-in-history-of-freedom.html

- - - - - - -

Also, individual rights are usually gained in specific circumstances. When the general population is dissatisfied with corruption and abuse, when there are multiple strong leaders, and when some of the powerful and influential people realize that the best way to protect their own rights is to secure universal individual rights. When those things align great things can be accomplished.

- - - - - - -

That's what this sign of victorious peace is about. It's about what Emile Durkheim termed organic solidarity. That each of us depends on the other. That each of us depends on the other to uphold the ideals of freedom and justice. That when the liberties of one person are violated it is a breach of the public trust. It is a violation of our rights as citizens of the state of Michigan. It is a violation of our rights as citizens of the United States of America. And it's a violation of our divinely inherent rights as human beings.

I see the government tearing the livelihoods of people apart. Keeping families apart. Stopping us from living, with the justification that it's for our own good, of course. But I see something more important.

I see people waking up. I see people realizing that freedom is fought for and defended in each generation. I see people enlightened with the idea that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. And I see people coming together to resist tyranny, and to promote liberty. And that, fills me with great hope.


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