Making Speeches for the Harry Potter Festival - Part 3 of ?

A couple of weeks ago I sent a simple breakdown of my speech plans for Potter in the Park.

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This is a general overview. Let me know if you need anything more specific. Also, I'm revealing the creation process in a series of articles, so many details are included there if needed.

4 speeches for 15 minutes each.

If I get an intro I would like to use this background:
Jeffrey Alexander Martin
Visiting Lecturer - Sparta Institute for the Study of Muggles
Current Assistant Professor of Muggle Studies - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Former Professor of Muggle Studies - Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Presenting the series: MUG 207 - Muggles in Real Life

The four speeches are:
Further Research on the Many Uses of the Rubber Duck
Muggle Encounters with Dragons Through the Ages
A Short History of Muggle Dueling
The Great Gnome Conspiracy of the 18th and 19th Centuries
(Not necessarily in this order, reverse this order if you need to list the titles in a schedule, which would probably be a good idea. We want people to see and make plans for the rubber duck speech because it will probably be a draw in itself.)

The rubber duck speech will be my character's first encounters with rubber ducks and the research into them. What further research has revealed about how they are used. I will field questions and assign homework at the end.

The dragon speech will be a series of tales about times that muggles have run into dragons. There may be a reference to George and the Dragon, and then there will be other things that I invent.

The dueling speech will have one other woman on stage with me that I'll call up from the audience. We will demonstrate a humorous use of staff dueling. Then we will have both sword dueling and dueling pistols. I have arranged to borrow all of these props from people I know.

The Gnome speech will be about muggle problems with gnomes and various attempts that witches and wizards made at fixing the problem, eventually resulting in the invention of the garden gnome.

Since my character likes muggles and their culture I will probably wear muggle clothes in some fashion.

Let me know if you have questions.

Jeff Martin

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The custom wand that I'm carving is coming along nicely too. There is magic in the air, in the wood, and in life. And soon, it will be on stage talking about muggles. We're only two weeks away, I'm starting to get excited.


You can find more of what I'm doing at


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