Generating Ideas for Writing - Stage Plays

I have seen a number of good plays, but there have been two that were really impactful. Both of them were very personal stories written by the performer, and only had the one actor. Would it be possible for me to do something as impactful?

A couple of years ago a woman in my Toastmasters group did a speech where she was talking to her deceased mother in a dramatized fashion. It was amazing. The whole thing was in a single setting, with a single person, and probably less than 10 minutes, but I would have paid money to see that play.

About a year before that I flew from Michigan to Malibu, California to see "Runt of the Litter" by Bo Eason. It is a dramatized version of parts of his life, and very powerful. I had quite the adventure and learned a lot on that trip.

I have talked about some of my ideas for Memoirs before, and I think that a few of those stories could be really powerful. The key is to add in the movement to aid the monologue. I think that if it is a powerful enough story that it could be performed by other people.

There are really two stories that I think would translate pretty well to the stage. The first is the Mt. Rainier adventure. That includes riding a bus for several days, riding a mountain bike over the Cascade Mountains, climbing Mt. Rainier, and then riding the bus home. There were enough intense moments in that journey that I think I could make a 45-minute special.

The other trip is the week I spent in Kenya. That had a few up moments, but a lot of the situation getting worse, so there could be some really dramatic moments.

Maybe my two-month road trip through the western United States could work on the stage, but there would have to be a lot of different sets. I could dramatize parts of traveling to a computer coding school while I was having major issues, maybe after I was home from Kenya but still really sick. Some of those may work well for small pieces.

It would be cool to see one of my stories performed on the stage, but I will have a major learning curve. You are welcome to join me on the journey at

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