Vera and the Talking Dog in the Forest of Many-Colored Trees

I've put some of the stories that Vera and I have written together up on my blog over the last few months. She likes it. You can see that in the ending of this one.

I like fairy tales. They are allegories, meaning they are full of hidden meanings. But that idea can grow into something more. Myths, legends, and epic fantasy tales abound both now and throughout history. This reminds me of that.

- - - - - - -

"Why?" said Devan, looking at the trees surrounding him, "Why would they make all of the trees different colors?"
"I do not know?" said Allie.
Devan thought for a moment, bringing his hand up to his mouth, in the way that he did. "I think," he began, but then trailed off. Still staring at the trees.
"Let's go home!" said Allie.
"But where is home?" replied Devan, without a moment's hesitation. He turned and looked at her, in a serious way, but with a slight smirk. "Do you remember which trees we passed to get here?"
"Hmm...Yes, I remember!" said Allie. "To the left, to the right, and here is our home!"
"Well done" said Devan, as he opened the door and entered.
"My Devan loves me because I am the cleverest dog in the world!"
"And because you love me," said Devan, as he opened a bag of dog treats. "Now, we must make a plan, of how to head back into that forest of colorful trees, to discover what there is to find there."
"Why doesn't everyone think that I am the most beautiful dog in the world?" said Allie, and she barked at the birds.
Devan smiled, Allie was easily distracted. He shook his head, giggled softly to himself, and headed for the map on the table, to make a plan.
"Why don't people understand dogs!" said she, and ran into the house to join Devan.
"I think people understand dogs quite well," replied Devan, "better than you may imagine."
"What do you know about people understanding dogs?!" said Allie angrily.
"Even a forest elf, such as myself, has encountered people." said Devan. "They know many things."
"Come on Allie," said Devan."It is night, come on!"
"Tomorrow I will live in the forest." said Allie quietly.
"We can live in the forest tonight," laughed Devan, as he grabbed a bag and headed out the door.
"I will live in the forest without you!" Allie said as she turned her head and let out a huff.
"You may live where you wish," Devan said over his shoulder as he started walking into the wood, "and so may I. For tonight, I think I'll sleep alongside that large blue tree we saw over yonder."
The next day at 6 o'clock, Allie found herself in the forest alone.
She saw the large blue tree, the one surrounded by smaller yellow trees, the one Devan had gone to to sleep last night.
Do you want to hear more? Then read another story!
Bye bye.

- - - - - - -

I must admit, I am curious what would happen next. And yet, neither you nor I will ever know. And that in itself reveals something about life. Life: a tale that has no end, and is full of mystery.


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