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Anti-Fascists Are Fascists

This will be the shortest article I've ever written.

In response to a Tweet about some Antifa members threatening people in the Brexit Party I commented thusly:

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Does anyone else find it ironic that the anti-fascists and the fascists both use the same means to the same ends: violence, intimidation, and threats to silence opposition and gain power.   anti-fascist = fascist

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It seemed to resonate, because it's true.

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American Universities and Racism

The ideas that Martin Luther King Jr. died for, seem to be dying.

I mentioned to a friend a few days ago that I was afraid to write about racism. Mostly because you know people are going to attack you, and they are the violent type of people. It doesn't really seem like I should need to be involved anyway, I have other things to do. But, then I was thinking about the rise of the Soviet Union and the Nazis. How many good people sat on the sidelines while the society crumbled? How many people thought someone else would handle it? How many people thought that it wouldn't get so bad?

Appeasement to violent people doesn't work well. In the beginning these movements require appeasement. Later, they only require compliance in the face of threats, intimidation, and violence. So, if you aren't willing to stand against racism now, there won't be a point in the future that you will be able to.

The trend reminds me of "The Gulag Archipelago" by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn…

The Two Things Necessary for a Better Political System

As long as there are humans there will be debates about politics. In the end there are just two key pieces.

These are both huge things, so I can't say one is more important than the other: better principles and better people.

Without solid principles like due process, innocent until proven guilty, property rights, universal individual rights, distribution of power, checks and balances, ability to change people in power, the ability to change laws, stable laws, understandable laws, Jeff's Razor, restorative, restitutive, rehabilitative, and protective justice, illegal bribery and extortion, limiting conflict of interests, etc., you can't have a good political system. This is the part that is talked about and debated all the time.

The second piece is just as important. You need moral individuals. If you have the perfect political system and have a group of corrupted people run it, it won't be good. One of the bad things about politics is that this is hard to mitigate bec…

Global Cooling Deniers

April 15th in West Michigan and I'm shoveling snow because we got seven inches yesterday. Wasn't I promised global warming at some point?

It was after the little global cooling push in the 1970s that there was a long push about global warming. Global warming was going to kill us all by now several times. It will kill us all in the near future, still. But, the smart people don't openly call it global warming anymore, they call it climate change. A genius move. No matter what happens the climate is going to change. You always have something to rail at, something to protest about. And, no one is even debating the other side. I've never heard anyone say that the climate doesn't change. Rounding to the nearest whole number, 100 percent of total humanity agrees that climate changes. It seems silly, but the zealots make it into a dangerous political cry. Let's look at an actually dangerous thing - global cooling.

Here's how the global warming people usually sell t…

Political Math and Creative Accounting

Amazon recently had to abandon a major construction project in New York City because of various political protests. It's a great illustration of how politicians do math.

We have to get a few basic viewpoints and then we'll look at how the math is done. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo posted an "Open Letter From New York State Budget Director Robert Mujica Regarding Amazon" on his website last week. Here are a few pieces from it.

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"In my 23 years in the State Capitol, three as Budget Director, Amazon was the single greatest economic development opportunity we have had. Amazon chose New York and Virginia after a year-long national competition with 234 cities and states vying for the 25,000-40,000 jobs. For a sense of scale, the next largest economic development project the state has completed was for approximately 1,000 jobs."


"Incredibly, I have heard city and state elected officials who were opponents of the project claim that Amazon wa…

The Legal-Moral Matrix

This is a simple framework that allows us to think about what is ideal and what is not in our system of laws as a society, and our actions as individuals.

We all know that what is and what should be are not the same thing. It's easy to get lost when evaluating complex things or making complex decisions. These decisions can be especially hard when it's your moral system struggling with the legal system. Both individuals and societies have this same problem. These decisions and actions can fall into one of four categories. Thinking through this may help us to understand our situation and what we should do about it.

Legal and Moral

The first is the ideal. An ideal is not always achievable. That's not even the purpose of an ideal. The purpose of an ideal is to set the direction. We want to be moving towards the right thing and having an ideal helps us to do that. Ideally, everything we do is both legal and moral.

Legal and Not Moral

We can all think of things from history that w…

Two Problems with the Current Political Spectrum

The current idea of the left and right political spectrum aligns perfectly with Marxism. That's one problem.

During the French Revolution the politicians "for the people" sat on the left side of the assembly. The politicians for the king sat on the right side of the assembly. Thus, another bad idea was born. And, another great way for politicians to manipulate people. (Notice that both sides were horrible options.)

The key idea of Marxism is that there is a class struggle between poor people and rich people. The middle class would be considered rich in this struggle, and thus destroyed. Obviously Marx's ideas have been proven wrong. Supporters of Marxism will deny this no matter what. Marxism is more of a religious movement than anything else. It requires faith and an absence of questions. (Marxism is popular in universities, oddly enough. And, the United States meets most of the qualifications for a Communist country contained in the Communist Manifesto by Marx and …

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