Vera and the Girl Who Became a Mermaid

Transformation is a common theme in literature. Sometimes we transform and then enter a new world, at other times we enter a new world and then transform. Sometimes, it's both.

Mermaids are interesting creatures that I've never looked deeply into. That idea of an entire underwater world is intriguing though. I remember scuba diving at the bottom of a lake and thinking, 'If it was logistically possible, it would be cool to live down here.' In ancient Greece mermaids were sirens that seduced and devoured men, in comic books they are heroes, in Harry Potter they are intelligent monsters. No matter how they are portrayed, mermaids have always been enchanting to the minds of humans.

- - - - - - -

Night on a lake can be dark. With clouds blotting out the stars above, the sky looks black, and the water below looks black. Angie sat alone, in a little boat, surrounded by darkness.
Then she heard a big splash and she saw a tail. She thought that this tail belonged to a fish. But, she saw a mermaid.
"Hello?" Angie quietly called out into the darkness, "Is someone there?"
From the water she heard a sound like a seahorse.
She stared into nothingness as hard as she could, but she didn't see anything now.
"I cannot understand you." said Angie.
"My name is Airy the mermaid!" was the reply from the water.
"I am so bored. Will you play with me?" said Airy, and Angie saw Airy's head.
Airy was beautiful, with long brown hair, a big smile, and bright eyes. A small tiara sat upon her head, that seemed so bright that it sent out its own faint light.
Her tail was blue and green together. And she had a crown on her head.
"How can I play with you?" said Angie. "I have not got a tail, and cannot breathe under the water."
"It is not a problem!" said Airy.
One second later and Angie had a tail like a mermaid.
"Ahh!" yelled Angie, looking down at her tail. She flopped over the edge of the boat and splashed sideways into the water. Airy laughed, "Can you play with me now?" she said with her big beautiful smile.
"Where do you live?" said Angie.
"Come on, I will show you." and she dove.
Angie dove too.
"I live in an old ship." said Airy. "Look!"
And Angie saw a big ship.
Surrounding the ship on three sides was a wall of coral. Bright yellows mixed with smooth purples, dark reds with light greens. Angie was mesmerized by the sight.
"This is my room!" said Airy.
"You have so many books! Do you read them all?"
"No." said Airy. "I cannot read!"
"Oh," said Angie in a soft contemplative voice, "Then why do you have them?"
"I do not know!" said Airy sadly.
"Do you want to read?" said Angie, and smiled.
"Yes! Of course!"
But that is another story.

- - - - - - -

Vera thinks that's a fun way to end stories. She is naturally attracted to cliffhangers.

It seems to me that Airy transformed Angie into a mermaid, and now Angie is set to transform Airy by teaching her to read. There is something magical about mutual transformation. (I know a woman that defines romance precisely that way.)


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