Fighting Local Government Corruption - Part 19 of ?

Life is full of choices. Sometimes it's hard to know which choice is correct. Still, a path must be chosen. In Dalton Township, the choice is clear.

Everyone is asking themselves, "What do I want to see happen in Dalton Township?" Here's what I think needs to happen.

Real Choice

We won! We have a real election happening this year. That hasn't happened in Dalton in a long time. Elections are one of the most important checks and balances in politics. A balance of power, and checks upon that power, are essential to protecting and defending individual rights. In Dalton, that will start with a choice by the people about who will be in office. Making that choice available is a civic duty. A burden that must be carried by a willing volunteer. Sixteen months ago I said that there would be a choice in this election. And there is.

Restore Checks and Balances

Make transparency and the Open Meetings Act a priority by broadcasting and recording meetings. Before you can speak, you must be able to listen. There is no reason to debate what happened at a meeting when we can have it on video. There are laws in place to make government transparent and accountable, but they can only go so far. The Dalton Township representatives must take it upon themselves to further open these meetings to the public.

Establish a process of dissenting opinion among the township board. Even with good intentions, disagreements are bound to happen. That's why the township has a board, to disagree. The dissenting opinion is important, but the reasons can often be forgotten. Recording and making available the reasons behind the minority opinion helps to keep people informed and engaged in the debates that affect their lives.

Rebuild Freedom

Honor the Right to Farm Act. The local production of food makes a society strong and resilient. Victory Gardens in World War Two helped the Allies win the war. That's how powerful and important they are. They help keep people healthy, physically and mentally. Farms are essential for civilization to flourish. Protecting farms protects the foundation of civilization.

Let business happen. Humans are born and live in a society. We provide things to each other, we exchange things. To hinder businesses beyond that which is needed to protect individual rights is to limit our well-being as individuals, and our well-being as a society. In a just and moral society, the growth of business is the growth of well-being.

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