'I Saw a Tree at Night' - A Poem of Symbolic Mysteries

Our minds and souls are mysteries. To others, yes, and even to ourselves. There are different ways of penetrating that veil. They often involve peering through our own darkness, to symbols hidden within our depths.

One day, laying alone in bed, I had an unusual vision of a tree. There was obviously something special about it, something magical, but I wasn't sure what. So, this poem popped out.

- - - - - - -

I saw a tree at night,
not with my eyes in some failing light,
but bright with dark illumination,
in my mind,
a thing both eerie and ripe with divine inspiration.

But, what kind?

A world tree,
giving birth to both you and me?

A tree of knowledge,
taking us to the brink of wisdom's edge?

A tree of life,
giving us the gifted opportunity of confronting strife?

Or a tree of good and evil?

Symbolic mysteries abound,
rising up around us,
rising up within us,
why do we force them down?

Revelations are revealed,
if we look with unseeing eyes,
through the shadow,
to where our own mysteries are concealed.

- - - - - - -

I wrote that poem a few months ago. When I read it now, it still seems fresh. Those are good questions. And I'm constantly working on gazing through my own shadow, into my own mysteries, and revealing them to myself. I've made a lot of progress on that over the last few months, and this poem reminds me of how powerful that can be, and how important it is. A process that shall continue.


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