The Most Immersive Dream I've Ever Had

I don't usually write down my dreams. And, I don't often remember them. As I'm waking up they fade away. It's amazing how they can be so vivid one moment, and then a few moments later I'm left wondering what I was thinking about, and I don't know. But sometimes, sometimes I remember them a little longer, and sometimes I feel compelled to write down a few notes on them. A week or two ago I had the most vivid dream I've ever had. Even now the memory of it seems like an actual trip that I went on. I took a few notes.

Here is what I wrote down.

- - - - - - -

earl, two kingdoms separated by river and culture, new flying machine, under water almost died, almost enslaved, almost forgotten or not recognized, son took place, made it back, everything made of wood, read part of a book

- - - - - - -

Basically, I was an earl in one kingdom. It was a city (it kind of seems like I should use is) on one side of a river. There was another city almost just like it on the other side, with a different political structure and a different culture. Both cities were constructed of wood, skyscrapers made of wood. The cities were so built up along the waterfront that it formed something like two high wooden walls along the river.

I went on a new wooden flying machine. This thing was big with multiple levels. I was at the very bottom in a spot for just one person that was exposed to the open air. It seemed like we were going to hit the buildings, but we just barely missed. I thought, "Hey, this pilot really knows what he's doing." But then we scooped down by the water and he went too far.

I was pushed underwater and the force of the machine moving through the water shoved me right out of my little cabin area. Miraculously, the machine was able to keep going and pull itself out of the water. There were wooden boats with wooden propellers in the river and one of them was going over me. I had to stay under until it passed. The current from the propeller helped push me farther back. I was tumbling around and struggling with air. I must have stripped off my fluffy and fancy clothes.

When I came to the surface coughing on water I was relieved, until the people that picked me up didn't seem that great. They were either slavers or police or military for the other city. We couldn't speak the same language, and they didn't speak to me at all. They just slapped cuffs on me, these were metal, and locked me in a dungeon.

I'm not sure how long I was there because I couldn't see the outside. I slept a couple of times, but it seemed like they were just naps. I thought it was a day, but maybe it was longer. Someone finally realized who I was and helped release me, even though I don't think it was fully approved by their superiors. I tried to be inconspicuous and make it back to my family, because I had a wife and kids back at home.

I made it, but it was odd. Everyone was surprised, but not too excited. My son had already taken my place as earl and no one seemed exactly sure how they should react, or what exactly to do.

And that's the gist of it, but I can't emphasize enough how real it was. I read part of a book that I was given while in prison. There were words on the page, I remember reading them and thinking "This is pretty good, I wish I had something to mark this with, it almost seems like something I would write."

I'm not going to analyze any of this. But I do find it pretty astounding.


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