A Moment on the Lips with Lord Byron

It was recently pointed out to me by a friend that there is a chocolate bar that has a poem inside of the wrapper. The poem that I took notice of was "To M" by Lord Byron. I decided to extend it just a bit.

First, this is from Lord Byron.

- - - - - - -

Oh! did those eyes, instead of fire,
With bright, but mild affection shine:
Though they might kindle less desire,
Love, more than mortal, would be thine.

For thou art form'd so heavenly fair,
Howe'er those orbs may wildly beam,
We must admire, but still despair;
That fatal glance forbids esteem.

When Nature stamp'd thy beauteous birth,
So much perfection in thee shone,
She fear'd that, too divine for earth,
The skies might claim thee for their own.

Therefore, to guard her dearest work,
Lest angels might dispute the prize,
She bade a secret lightning lurk,
Within those once celestial eyes.

These might the boldest Sylph appall,
When gleaming with meridian blaze;
Thy beauty must enrapture all;
But who can dare thine ardent gaze?

'Tis said that Berenice's hair,
In stars adorns the vault of heaven;
But they would ne'er permit thee there,
Who wouldst so far outshine the seven.

For did those eyes as planets roll,
Thy sister-lights would scarce appear:
E'en suns, which systems now control,
Would twinkle dimly through their sphere.

- - - - - - -

And here is my extension. This was done in the moment.

- - - - - - -

To burst forth from within,
Explosive power wielded,
Only nature as true kin,
Let a man be shielded.

A woman's thirst,
For love and life,
Ready to burst,
Fearless in the face of strife.

Such is true love,
Paired with amorous stroking,
Reaching forth with naked glove,
Absent the need for coaxing.

- - - - - - -

You'll notice that I kept the rhyming structure, but I went free verse with the meter.


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