Life is Full of Downs and Ups

For some reason people like to say that life is full of "ups and downs." The reverse is better.

Here's a post that I made recently.

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There are downs and ups in life. I went to the state police in Rockford today and wasn't able to file, but I found some next steps forward. I talked to someone in Senator Debby Stabenow's office and she won't be releasing a statement in support of the farm, but I was offered encouragement. Five people in the wedding ceremony weren't at the rehearsal today, but we made a lot of decisions that had to be made. Downs and ups are better than ups and downs.

- - - - - - -

Now, I can make the case that "ups and downs" is more correct. I did create the saying, "A happy ending is a story that hasn't ended yet." But, we get to choose which part of the timeline we focus on in a story. And, while you're in the story, I think it's best to always be trying to bring things to an "up."


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