Humans: Domesticated Animals

Animals change when they are domesticated.

There are certain tendencies that are pretty consistent. They become neotenous, meaning they stay like the young.

Pigs, cats, and dogs are great examples. A pig is like a baby boar its whole life. A cat is like a baby lion its whole life. A dog is like a baby wolf its whole life.

Mature lions, wolves, and boars don't play. Lion cubs play, wolf pups play, boar piglets play. They play to prepare themselves for life. They play fight, they play hide, they play chase. These are the life skills they will need later. When they are older they actually do these things, they don't need to play, so they don't.

Humans are also neotenous. Neoteny can happen for a few different reasons. In the case of pigs, dogs, and cats it is because of domestication.

Humans not only domesticated other animals, they domesticated themselves. The implications of this are wide and varied. One is that humans play for their entire lives. This allows for continual training for future circumstances.

You could also say that all humans are big children. A curious observation. Something to keep in mind.


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