Notes on Theoconceptualism; Or, Towards a New Religion and Philosophy

Theoconceptualism is a theological philosophy that I'm creating. I have a document where I keep notes. I'm sharing some of those notes here.

- I have longer definitions in my notes, but here are the short versions of three important words. -

the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.
the study of the theoretical basis of a particular branch of knowledge or experience.

the study of the nature of God and religious belief.
religious beliefs and theory when systematically developed.

the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

- Now the notes will get really chaotic, so hold on to your mind. -

Nature of God, nature of salvation
God concept, God as concept, God is concept
All Life is Problem Solving - Karl Popper
12 Rules for Life - Jordan Peterson
Maps of Meaning - Jordan Peterson
Vision, articulation, create, communicate
Bother, fixes, willing
Problem - unfulfilled expectation, attempted solutions, elimination
Is religion metaphysical and/or epistemological and/or ethical
The Will to Meaning - Viktor Frankl
Dimensional ontology
Dimensional archetypal theology
Hostile world, heroic man
Entropy and anti-entropy
What is Life - Erwin Schrodinger
Carl Menger, Ludwig von Mises
Voluntary to involuntary exchange ratio - society
Voluntary to involuntary activity ratio - personal
Religion science dichotomy
Right and wrong, good and evil
Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology - Ayn Rand
Chaos and order
The Meaning of It All - Richard Feynman
Archetypal morality
Carl Jung
Behavior and attitude patterns
Moral progression Piaget
Religious mysteries, ancient
Pain and suffering
Voluntarily confront, approach
Ingroup outgroup
Procedural episodic semantic knowledge Tulving
Problems are subjective, values are subjective
Stories are trial and error by proxy
Alfred Adler
Art as hyperreality
Apathy as the enemy, suffering as the challenge
Anti-entropic, anti-apathetic
Salvation through faith or works as a false dichotomy, salvation through knowledge, knowledge through personal experience of the transcendent (collective unconscious), gnostic, Basilides
External and internal mystery agnostic, external and internal knowledge gnostic
Sin - miss the mark
Sin of commission, sin of omission
Human health is a pattern of moral action
How am I immoral?
Confront fear, pain, loss, frustration
Feeling of life competence/incompetence = stress
More knowing other
Zone of proximal development
Maximize the valuable known
Over promise and risk under delivering = social outlier
“As if” truth and knowledge
Organic identity versus false symbolic identity
Fiction as representing behavioral patterns, life simulations, decisions, beliefs, values, and actions by proxy
Art as potential patterns of behavior
The unknown without and the unknown within
Gibson affordances
Gestalt perception and grouping
The Reality of God by Charles Sanders Peirce
Non-atheists versus theists
Half sure, whole hearted
Hero is known by his deeds
Human worth is scope of affect
Hope and pray
Wish list and hope feedback
Creation as organic rather than synthetic
Gordon Allport
Great stories transform the reader/listener from within and help us to confront our limitations and fears.
Donald Nathanson Shame and Pride
Fiction as the communication of a shared dream.
Maximize positive affect/minimize negative affect/maximize power/mutualize - Silvan Tompkins
Choice as sacred, non-choice as profane, personal choice as sacred, other choice as profane
I should, I want to, I choose to

- You can see that it is quite a mix of various references and ideas, some of them from others and some of them are my own original insights. There are some things to ponder in there. -


I've written two fictional pieces that I like so far.

"The City of Peace" - A future history science fiction utopia/dystopia action adventure in a framed story of a father telling his son a story about the child's grandfather.

"The Birth of Hanniba'al" - A dark, somewhat alternative, historical origin story for the Carthage General Hannibal.

Here are three of my most popular posts.

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