Twenty-Two of My Dreams, Not Interpreted

I didn't have very many dreams when I was a kid, at least not that I remembered when I woke up. Now though, it's different. I dream every night. Very vivid dreams. And when I wake up I remember them for a little while.

I started recording some of them a few months ago. Many of them I missed because I either forgot or they faded as I moved to get my pen and notepad. At this point I haven't even been writing them down because I'm not sure why I was in the first place, but they are interesting.

1 - A young girl is alone in hell along a black river. She is surrounded by red light, but beyond that it is all black. It is kind of like a hard sand desert environment. I saw her from above at an angle.

2 - I'm sitting at a table writing with an automatic recording machine also writing, not a voice recorder, this machine was physically writing out what I was saying with a pencil. The recording device shiny silver. There was a classic radio playing music to the side of the room on my left on a dresser/cabinet thing. I was watching myself directly across from myself.

3 - I was a driver of a car and had crashed into a pole. The metal pole had sheared off, went through the windshield, through the chest of the woman in the passenger sheet, and through the seat. She was dead. I opened the door and stepped out of the vehicle. I looked through the rear driver side window to see the pole coming out of the back of the seat. I was fine. This was in the first person point of view.

4 - I'm part of a Navy SEAL team chasing another SEAL team, I'm not sure why. We are running through sand and a playground next to a great lake or ocean. A woman is injured and I'm helping her. She is leaned up against a building with a wound in her left lower abdomen. I feel odd about my team, like they might not be doing the right thing, and I want to change sides. I saw this in the first person.

5 - I'm trying to join the military, but they won't take me because of my spinal deformities.

6 - I'm looking for a woman, I'm not sure why. She's attending a funeral. I go for a mountain bike ride with a student instead and hit a big jump.

7 - I went on a classic date night with a woman.

8 - There's a group of guys, including me, standing around talking about politics.

9 - I'm in a classroom doing homework with a girl. There are weights and kettlebells in the back of the room. Then I'm meeting her family and some famous people.

10 - I have blood down the front of my white dress shirt. I'm walking down the street and see two other guys.

11 - I'm playing football, and there's someone that's not working with the team. So, I'm frustrated.

12 - I'm walking and talking with a Navy SEAL. He's tracking himself. I stay at the house I grew up in.

13 - I'm working retail electronics and something's broken. I'm working on fixing the television displays from a room beyond the displays that has a little crawl space type of door. In the aisle there is a guy with a dog. I'm wondering why he brought the dog. This was in the third person point of view.

14 - I'm competing with some private investigators.

15 - I'm playing football. One team is focused on running and the other is focused on passing.

16 - I'm at a debate.

17 - I'm talking to Peter Thiel about Eric Weinstein in a classroom.

18 - Something about Richar Pryor's father and a medical coverup.

19 - I'm eating giant Cocoa Puffs in a store aisle with someone creepily watching me while some guys talk about football and fitness in the next aisle.

20 - The car breaks down driving somewhere, but we park in a parking lot. My nephew Judah, who is a baby, is riding a camel. My Uncle John is standing near the camel. Judah is thrown off of the camel.

21 - A young asian kid is a lone astronaut. I saw that in close up third person. I'm a Knight visiting churches with others for a test.

22 - There's a robbery. I'm saving natives from a school massacre.

That's kind of a weird one to end on, but I stopped writing them down because I'm probably not going to do anything with them. Are they expressions of wishes colliding with reality and represented metaphorically? Maybe, maybe probably. Freud theorized that that's what dreams, and neurosis, and art all are. And, I think he might be right.


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