What's Up with Cannibalism?

Cannibalism seems very odd to me. But, for some reason, it is fairly pervasive in our narratives. Let's explore it and see if any insights jump out at us.

Little Red Riding Hood is about a girl that goes on a trip through the woods and encounters cannibalism. Now, everyone knows that it's a wolf that eats grandma, but it's a highly personified wolf. It's a wolf that talks like humans, and looks like humans, and acts like humans. Personification is an amazingly powerful mental ability, and we all have it naturally. In this case it means that the wolf is like a person, so when he eats grandma that's cannibalism.

The Three Little Pigs is about a wolf that's trying to eat these pigs, all of which are personified, so there's cannibalism right there. But, when he gets to the last house, the brick house, he can't blow it down and decides to climb down the chimney. The pigs have arranged a giant pot of boiling water at the bottom filled with vegetables and seas…

88.9 Hey Radio, Rusty Shipp, and Me

Welcome to the third installment of my articles for 88.9 Hey Radio. I'm not sure which angle I should take on this one. Rusty Shipp is an odd band, I guess I'll probably take that angle.

- - - - - - -
You can never say that Rusty Shipp is not an ambitious band. First of all, they are in the middle of leading the founding a new music genre called Nautical Rock'n'Roll. Their first album Mortal Ghost won some awards, but this seems to be just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

They're raising money for their second album now and there is a special project in the works. While on a silent meditation retreat the founder of the band, Russ T. Shipp, had an idea for a concept album which they are calling Liquid Exorcist. This will be a full narrative about the after-effects of an underwater sea war.

Rusty Shipp has the feeling of classic rock, melodic hard rock, with a little twist. I like the existential questioning in the song SS Naronic, which is about the ship SS Naroni…

Further Notes on Theoconceptualism - Towards a New Religion and Philosophy

Theoconceptualism is a new theological philosophy. Today, we shall cover a lot. Later we will need to filter and expand, but today is just about getting some of the notes initially articulated. Hold on to your hats, because this is going to go quickly, and in an order that has not been worked out.

The Nature of God
God is a conceptual reality. Rather than placing God under metaphysics, God comes under the study of epistemology, and then that effects ethics. Rather than material, God is spiritual. A good way to understand this truth might be to think of dragons and/or monsters. Dragons are real. They are real conceptual entities. They are the ultimate small mammal predator. The great mouth and head of a reptilian snake/alligator, that breathes fire, with the wings of a great bird of prey, and the claws of a great predatory cat. This concept is a real concept. We have pictures and toys of dragons. We know how dragons act, and we know how to act when we encounter a dragon. And, we do. Th…

Experiments with Active Imagination

Active imagination scares me a little. It's a psychological technique developed and promoted by Carl Jung. I've just started to explore it.

The basic idea with active imagination is that you focus on a fantasy of some sort, it can be something you make up or something from a dream, and then you watch it move. You watch what happens next. The mind occurs across time, it thinks in narratives, and it will naturally start to move this fantasy and develop a story, many times a crazy story, but a story nevertheless. Over time you develop the skill of being active in these stories yourself. Just like dreams where your mind is trying to sort information and work out problems that you're having, in active imagination we work out our problems in a symbolic world. Once we resolve these inner tensions and conflicts, and integrate our unconscious, we are then able to use all of our resources to confront our problems in the world. It's powerful stuff.

What scares me about it is twof…

One Instance of Horrible Wisdom - Rectified

There is some wisdom that is good, but there is also bad wisdom. Today we shall take a look at the bad.

- - - - - - -
Once upon a time there was a king who had a son. He wanted his son to have the best of everything, including education. But, the time of kings and princes is very limited. The king decided that he needed the best education for the prince in the shortest amount of time. He assembled a great many of the learned men in his kingdom and set them a task, reduce all of the knowledge that they had into as short a time as possible for the prince. They set about their task. It was a large endeavor. They wrote, discussed, debated, and rewrote textbooks. Finally, after 4 years of effort they came to the king and said that they could teach him everything that there was to know in 16 years.

The king was upset about this. "My son, the prince, will be 20 in 16 years. He cannot be reading textbooks still! He must be leading my armies along our borders by then. You need to do bette…

Introducing Jeff's Razor - A Framework for Economics and Ethics

There is an economic and ethical concept that I invented a few years ago and have found quite helpful ever since. It's about simplifying and clarifying economics and ethics applied to society at large, where issues can get quite muddled and messy. This helps cut through that mess like a razor. It's called Jeff's Razor. (The name was inspired by the famous philosophical concept Occam's Razor. I know, that's a lot of hubris on my part.)

This framework is simple, but it has very far ranging consequences. Stated simply, Jeff's Razor means that overall economic prosperity and peace is directly proportional to the voluntary to involuntary exchange ratio. We will unpack this a little, but really it's a concept that could be studied and used for lifetimes.

"Overall" is an important concept because there are errors in any system. The ability to commit error is possibly the defining feature of life. We will dive into that a little more later. But, for now, …

A Flash of Horror - Part 4 of 4

Today we shall finish both the bio and the story.

First, let's finish with the bio because it should be a bit easier. It might be cool to use this alligator wrestling picture for the bio, but I'm going to go with this Game of Thrones throne picture still.

I also need to take a look at the writing of the bio again. I want to incorporate alligator wrestling in there, but it was already at exactly 100 words, which is the limit. So, something will need to be cut.

- - - - - - -

Jeffrey Alexander Martin: He has jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, climbed a mountain, swam through a group of freshwater jellyfish while scuba diving, rafted whitewater, peddled a bike over a mountain range, ran with bulls, jumped horses, bruised his ribs doing winter ice luge, vomited blood in Africa, received a black eye and a bloody nose in a tomato fight, and has four major spinal deformities. He's just a simple guy with a simple life from Michigan, USA. No one has ever called him eccentric a…

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