One Instance of Horrible Wisdom - Rectified

There is some wisdom that is good, but there is also bad wisdom. Today we shall take a look at the bad.

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Once upon a time there was a king who had a son. He wanted his son to have the best of everything, including education. But, the time of kings and princes is very limited. The king decided that he needed the best education for the prince in the shortest amount of time. He assembled a great many of the learned men in his kingdom and set them a task, reduce all of the knowledge that they had into as short a time as possible for the prince. They set about their task. It was a large endeavor. They wrote, discussed, debated, and rewrote textbooks. Finally, after 4 years of effort they came to the king and said that they could teach him everything that there was to know in 16 years.

The king was upset about this. "My son, the prince, will be 20 in 16 years. He cannot be reading textbooks still! He must be leading my armies along our borders by then. You need to do bette…

Introducing Jeff's Razor - A Framework for Economics and Ethics

There is an economic and ethical concept that I invented a few years ago and have found quite helpful ever since. It's about simplifying and clarifying economics and ethics applied to society at large, where issues can get quite muddled and messy. This helps cut through that mess like a razor. It's called Jeff's Razor. (The name was inspired by the famous philosophical concept Occam's Razor. I know, that's a lot of hubris on my part.)

This framework is simple, but it has very far ranging consequences. Stated simply, Jeff's Razor means that overall economic prosperity and peace is directly proportional to the voluntary to involuntary exchange ratio. We will unpack this a little, but really it's a concept that could be studied and used for lifetimes.

"Overall" is an important concept because there are errors in any system. The ability to commit error is possibly the defining feature of life. We will dive into that a little more later. But, for now, …

A Flash of Horror - Part 4 of 4

Today we shall finish both the bio and the story.

First, let's finish with the bio because it should be a bit easier. It might be cool to use this alligator wrestling picture for the bio, but I'm going to go with this Game of Thrones throne picture still.

I also need to take a look at the writing of the bio again. I want to incorporate alligator wrestling in there, but it was already at exactly 100 words, which is the limit. So, something will need to be cut.

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Jeffrey Alexander Martin: He has jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, climbed a mountain, swam through a group of freshwater jellyfish while scuba diving, rafted whitewater, peddled a bike over a mountain range, ran with bulls, jumped horses, bruised his ribs doing winter ice luge, vomited blood in Africa, received a black eye and a bloody nose in a tomato fight, and has four major spinal deformities. He's just a simple guy with a simple life from Michigan, USA. No one has ever called him eccentric a…

Pain, Fear, Loss, Death, and Guilt

It seems to me that there are five major personal problems in life that we must deal with on an emotional and existential level. There are, of course, other personal problems and quite a myriad of social problems that are for another time. But, for now, let's take a look at these five.

Pain is the most obvious, and the most pervasive. Pain is essentially an error signal that is saying there is something wrong. With all problems there are two options that we have, we can either change the outside circumstances, or we can change our inside perspectives.

If we can, then we should change the outside circumstances. If you have a health issue that you can fix, then you should fix it. If, just as a for instance, you went on a misadventure to Africa and became severely ill, were even told you were going to die while you were there. Then, you got back and couldn't get better. Your entire digestive system was severely damaged and that was also completely messing up your immune syste…

88.9 Hey Radio, Set For The Fall, and Me

Welcome to the second edition of my articles for 88.9 Hey Radio. I'm going to focus on a narrative this week, we shall see how that goes.

Last time I inset the article itself, and then inset the lyrics inside of that. I'm going to do that again.

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Set For The Fall is from North Carolina and you can hear that hard southern rock sound in their music. They released their first album in 2016, and it looks like they do quite a lot of touring, at least their schedule over the next few months is packed. The music is a nice mix of rock sounds, but I'm going to take a look at one song in particular.

3 Nails is from that original 2016 release and the music video has their most views on Youtube. The song has some narrative to it, but the music video has a lot of narrative to it. I like stories, and this is a good one, that's why I like it. Here are the lyrics. Then, I will probably have a few things to say about the story.

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I cut my teeth on the lies that…

Patrick Rothfuss, George R. R. Martin, and the Speed of Writing - Part 1 of ?

Every time you see George R. R. Martin mentioned there is a long list of people complaining about how slowly he is writing the A Song of Ice and Fire series. It annoys me, so I'm going to do some comparing.

First of all, we have to figure out what we're doing, and then how we're doing it. I'm going to mostly use for book lengths, and if I need to. I think good metrics would be words per day and years per book.

I imagine that Mark Twain's short story The Death Wafer (or Death Disk) is going to be our slowest rate, because it's a very short story and it took him 12 years to write. But it was worth it, it's good stuff. Let's look at Twain first, then we'll dive into epic fantasy.

I did a simple word count of the story and came up with 3,358 words. That's 0.77 words per day (I rounded up), and one short story per 12 years. I think that's going to be our slowest rate no matter what else we look at.

I'm also go…

88.9 Hey Radio, Tetelestai, and Me

88.9 Hey Radio is a Christian rock station that broadcasts from North Muskegon, Michigan. I often listen to them. They are a volunteer organization. Last month I reached out to them to see if there is something I can help with. Bill and I worked something out, I am going to work on writing articles about new bands and songs, and such.

I've been pondering how to approach this for the last few days. I'm still not sure how I am coming at this, but nevertheless it is getting approached today.

The band this week is Tetelestai, so let's dive in and see how it goes.

- - - - - - -
What is Tetelestai? One, it's a five person metal band from Buffalo, NY. Two, it's the last word spoken by Jesus on the cross meaning, "it is finished." There can be so much contained in a name.

Tetelestai, the band, describes its mission like this, "With so much hate and despair in the world today, Tetelestai aims to bring the message of hope and love through their music." Th…

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